PARASCADD Private Limited


Deepa Borele


Deepa Borele, a highly accomplished Computer Engineer, brings 22 years of rich experience to her role as Director at Parascadd. Specializing in Finance, Sales, Accounts, and Business Administration., Deepa is a versatile professional with a comprehensive skill set.

Throughout her career, Deepa has excelled in various facets of the industry, demonstrating leadership in Software Development, Business Development, Finance, Administration, Accounting, Sales, and Organizational Management. Her multifaceted expertise plays a pivotal role in guiding Parascadd towards new heights of professionalism and innovation.

As a Director, Deepa’s strategic vision and hands-on experience contribute significantly to the company’s success. Her commitment to excellence and proficiency in diverse domains make her an invaluable asset to Parascadd, driving the company’s growth and ensuring its sustained success in the competitive landscape of industrial engineering.