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PROCOST Cost Estimation, Budgeting & Control Software

Project Construction Estimation Software for Estimation, Costing & Bidding

PROCOST is the Project construction estimation software for Estimation, Costing & Bidding of a project. Project & sub-units are defined for estimation & bidding.

Multiple groups can work on the estimation, costing & bidding of a project parallel & independently through different quotations. Estimation team, Costing team, Bidding team can be maintained separately for confidentiality based on separate access rights for estimation/costing/bidding.

Estimate projects by discipline, breaking down into multiple hierarchy levels and associating with final breakup estimation items. Capture quantities and costs per unit of measure, define cost breakup heads, and set margin percentages/values. Analyze the impact of margin changes on bid value, and easily modify/enhance cost/margin at group level. Generate reports of quotations from different internal groups to compare, analyze, and generate a realistic estimate for final bidding.

Key Features of PROCOST

Benefits of PROCOST

Features of Project Construction Estimating Software

  • Defining project for estimation.
  • Defining discipline & hierarchy groups.
  • Mapping estimation line items with group levels.
  • Defining access rights for Estimation team, Costing team & bidding team.
  • Estimation of Quantity for each estimation line item.
  • Cost estimation under various cost heads.
  • Defining Margin%
  • Evaluation of bid quotation.
  • Impact analysis by modifying Cost & Margin value.
  • Copying existing quotation.
  • Reports of estimation, costing & bidding.
  • Evaluation & finalization of bid value.

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Flow of Project Construction Estimating Software

Estimation Costing and Bidding

The program feature aids the bidding team in performing the detailed task of estimation, costing, bidding of the project. The project estimation can be worked out by multiple estimation groups. The access rights are controlled for estimation teams, Costing team, Bidding team maintain confidentiality of the project data. Multiple projects can be handled parallely. Each project can have various quotations & breakup calculations on estimation quantity, cost & margin parameters.

Estimation team will have complete control in establishing the quantity of each estimation line item for bidding. The Costing team works out the cost break up parameters like the cost of materials, plant & machinery, labor, transport, services etc. against each estimation line item. The Project bidding team plays a key role in defining the margin percentage/value against each cost breakup parameter. The cost & margin can also be controlled at hierarchical group levels which are interconnected with the estimation line items. Facility for importing & exporting of data in spreadsheet format is enabled for flexibility.

Project Construction Estimating Report

One can export the quotation with estimation quantity, costing and bid value data project wise. The detailed backup data with the breakup calculation can be generated at the project level, unit level, discipline wise & hierarchical group levels.Quotations prepared by different groups can be compared with the percentage difference of quantity, cost breakup & margin breakup for analysis in finalizing the realistic quotation.

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