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FLS5 Function Level Schedule Five

Experience Function Level 5 Scheduling Excellence

Our Function Level 5 scheduling is designed for meticulous planning, monitoring, reporting, and progress control across various functions. These functions encompass Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Ordering, Manufacturing & Delivery, Tendering, Construction, and Pre-commissioning/Commissioning.

We calculate the percentage progress of each activity, aggregating it seamlessly from lower levels to higher levels and ultimately to Project/Complex levels.

Our progress monitoring and reporting are not only based on efforts but also on quantity, as applicable. Our approach is resource-loaded, ensuring comprehensive and effective project management.

FLS5 Software is a powerful tool that can help EPC organizations to improve the efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and control of their projects. It is a valuable tool for any EPC organization that wants to save time and money on its projects and deliver high-quality results to its clients.

Key Features of FLS5 :

Benefits of FLS5 :

Concept of FLS5 from Pre-execution to Project Closure

Importance of the Function Level Schedule Five (FLS5)

The FLS5 (Function Level Schedule), as a practice, helps in standardizing the organizational processes around the entire process of the project and the user base across the organization/employees starting from;

  1. Pre-execution
    • Conceptualization
    • Feasibility Report (FR) stage
    • Select Gate stage
    • Detailed Feasibility Report (DFR)
  2. Execution
    • Planning
    • Engineering
    • Ordering
    • Manufacturing
    • Construction
  3. Commissioning
  4. Project Close Out

FLS5 Dashboards

Execution Progress Breakdown

Why Choose to Buy FLS5?

The FLS5 Software covers the projects and offers a number of primary functions to the organization, including: Senior Management Functions:
  • Portfolio analytics and selection
  • Portfolio tracking (performance monitoring)
  • Portfolio planning, including resource allocation
  • Portfolio selection and prioritization
  • Portfolio process management

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Broad based Management Functions provided by FLS5:

Why do we need a Function Level Schedule Five Software?

  • Support the integration with the enterprise: enables the organization for integrating a whole view over the cost, schedules, and resources.
  • Provide information for different levels of stakeholders: FLS5 is a simple enough to be used by different levels of stakeholders (Internal and External) and enables them to perform their roles
  • Support dynamic changing environments and priorities: Flexible enough to adapt to changing environments and to have external stakeholders independent of external influencing factors.
  • Manage the project portfolio and provide high-level dashboards: Project dashboards enables the Managers, Business Heads, Divisional Heads, and Project Groups to manage the selection, managing, reporting, and optimization of all projects through a consolidated dashboard that can provide enough customized information about the portfolio in order to facilitate their strategic decisions.
  • Map and support your processes: Supports the many industrial processes with in-built availability of the standard executing functions such as Engineering, Ordering, Tendering, Manufacturing and Delivery and Construction, Commissioning etc.
  • Teams Work and Bonding:  Collaboration between different teams in different locations through web based operating technology. It makes it feasible to build project teams from across the organization.
  • Build your knowledge base: The central repository of information. Reduces the time spent in planning from project to project.
  • Simplify and reduce the administrative burdens: One of the main focuses of the FLS5 tool is to simplify the reporting processes during projects. Enables the project managers to focus on their main tasks during the projects.
  • Support the organizational standards and consistency across the projects: Supports the consistency and standardization among all projects with their use of common knowledge information.


Features & Functionalities of Function Level Schedule Five (FLS5) Software

Network Scheduling

  • CPM based Project Network Schedules for Levels with resource loading, Generation of Critical Paths at Unit / Complex levels
  • Alerts generation for Delayed activities in critical path, Non critical activities becomes critical due to delay, Revised estimated date/schedule of the project activities, Forecasting etc.
  • Generate dynamic schedules like 30 days / 90 days Look ahead Plan with Resource requirements.
  • Cost monitoring, reporting and control at Activity level as well as at Unit / Complex with forecasts based on various scenarios., Reporting in Tabular and various Graphical forms (histograms, curves etc.)
  • File Comparison between the base files.
  • Percentage Progress calculation at Activity as well as Unit & Complex level.4D (3D + Time) Scheduling
  • Linking Activities Schedules with IFC 3D Models for monitoring the Critical Construction activities (if necessary) with the help of standard review and other similar software
  • Estimation – P&M Cost details, Project-wise, Unit-wise, Cost data repository.
  • Vendor Performance Evaluation / Rating Calculation, using cost, quality and timeline parameters, including vendor watch-list and holiday list, Vendor Expediting
  • Contractor Performance evaluation / Rating Calculation, using schedule completion, cost expenditure, quality and timeline parameters, safety inclusions, including Contractor watch-list and holiday list
  • Risk Management, Identification & Categorization, Assessment & Quantification, Documentation (Risk Register), Mitigation, Implementation Plans, Calculation of Risk Score, Risk Monitoring, Risk Matrix, Graphs etc.
  • HSE (Health, Safety and Environment – Various national & international approaches adopted for proper assessment of HSE measures.
  • Project wise, Unit wise Cost data repository
  • Project wise Work Order repository
  • Environment clearance/ statutory clearance status & data repository.
  • Alerts Generation – Auto generation of emails, SMSs, notifications for pending claims based on pre-decided frequency, Auto generation of emails before expiry of policy
  • Document Management with workflow levels of Performer, Reviewer, and Approver for the documents and data management
  • Project wise material import related data entry / updation / document uploading / monitoring & Alert system – The program  has capability to incorporate Project Import Reference details & Concessional Project Import Details (EPCG License / Post Duty Credit etc. in case of Imported Pos / LSTKs)
  • UI availability for entering manual data as per requirement
  • Customized Data Report generations
  • Upload reports received from Project Stakeholders
  • Uploading & intelligent viewing of pictures/videos for reporting project progress at project sites / repository
  • Project Insurance and Imports
  • Project Compendium

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