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Annotation and Review for Engineering Documents

In the EPC industry, Redlining documents is the process of checking text or drawing that has been altered or entered in a document. It can also be a process of making changes and revisions to documents. This is also known as Annotation of documents.

Normally, redlining is utilized when at least two individuals are collaborating to create or work together on an engineering drawing or a normal document. Every individual can redline the text or drawing or image that was added or altered in a document.

PRODOCS DMS supports various file types on which redlining or annotations can be done. Some common ones are supported by default and others are available as add-ons.

How to use Redlining & Review

PRODOCS Redlining Supported File Formats

PDF Formats

MS Office Formats

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CAD Formats

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Image Formats

Other Document Formats

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Other Formats

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PRODOCS DMS Redlining Features


Provides a range of accurate and fast PDF editing functionalities, directly in the browser.


Annotate and collaborate on CAD-based PDFs within PRODOCS DMS, with unlimited zoom rendering to see detail at any level.

Text Annotations

Annotate, manipulate, and extract text accurately in your documents.

Shape Annotations

Use preset shapes, callout, Cloud and freehand annotations in various colors to highlight specific areas of your documents.

Measurement Annotations

Accurate, scalable, and auto-snapping measurement tools in 2D and 3D documents.

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Sign documents with a drawn, typed, or uploaded signature and save numerous signature templates for quick sign flows.

Digital Certification Signature

Certify the unaltered state of a document with multiple signees.

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Securely embed static or dynamic watermarks with names, dates, and custom content into your documents.

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Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration with team members and Reporting Officers.

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