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Material Control


Effortless Material Control: Streamlining Design to Execution with Seamless BOM and MTO Processes

Streamline your projects with Effortless Material Control. Once your design is ready, our system generates a seamless Bill of Materials (BOM) or Material Take-off (MTO), transforming it into a quick requisition for purchase.

What is Material Control ?

  1. Scheduling of requirements
  2. Purchasing
  3. Receiving and Inspecting
  4. Storing and Issuing
  5. Stock Control

Need of Material Control?

Issues with Material Control

Requirement of a System for Material Control?

The important requirements or essentials of adequate and satisfactory system of material control are as under;
Proper Co-ordination
Proper co-ordination of all departments involved, in material purchasing, receiving, testing, approving, storage, issue and in accounting, is essential.
Competent Purchasing Officer
Centralization of purchasing in a purchasing department under the direct and authority of a competent and trained purchasing officer is also considered essential.
Use of Standard Forms
The use of standard forms for orders, requisitions etc, upon which written and signed instruction are given, are essential for proper control of materials.
Control by Budgeting Material and Equipment
Use of materials, supplies and equipment budgets so that the economy in purchasing and use of materials can be realized, is important factor for adequate control of material.
Storage Location
Storage of all materials and supplies should be in a designated location properly safe guarded under supervision and proper planning should be there for storing and issuing of materials.
Operation of perpetual Inventory
Operation of proper perpetual inventory system should be used so that it is possible to determine at any time the amount and value of each kind of material in stock. It also enables the comparison of book inventory with the results of physical counting.
Standards or Levels to be fixed
A minimum quantity of each item of material, below which point the inventory is not allowed to drop, and a maximum quantity, above which stock is not carried should be fixed. In the same manner ordering level and Economic Order Quantities may be determined.
Storage Control and Issue
The proper operation of a system of stores control and issue is introduced so that there will be delivery of materials upon requisitions to departments in the right amount at the time they are needed.
Internal Check
The operation of internal check should be introduced to ensure that transactions involving materials and equipment are checked by reliable and independent officials.
Development of Controlling Accounts and Subsidiary Records
Controlling accounts and subsidiary records reveal summary of detailed materials costs at each stage of material receipt and consumption from the store room to finished goods.
Regular Reports
Regular reports and information should be provided to the management in connection with the purchases of materials, issues from stock, inventory balances, obsolete stock, goods returned to vendors, and spoiled or defective units.

Systems available with Parascadd

Procurement Management (PROMA)

Major features of PROMA System for Tag & Bulk Items is as under;

  1. MTO Analysis for probable Substitution
  2. Generation of Material Requisition (MR)
  3. Bidders List
  4. Issue of Request for Quotation (RFQ) to placement of PO
  5. Monitoring of Manufacturing & Delivery
  6. Inspection and Expediting

Material Control (LAPMA)

Major features of LAPMA System is as under;

  1. Generation of Look Ahead Planning of Material based on Piping MTOs and CDD of Purchase Orders as well as Expediting Reports. LAPMA Reports will help in Construction Planning.


Material Control ( AutoSpooling )

 Major features of AUTOSPOOLING System is as under;

  1. Generation of Spool-wise MTO from IDF/PCF & other files
  2. Generation of Isometrics as well as Spool Drawings
  3. Taking inputs from PROMA, it makes Material Front Analysis
  4. Allocation of Materials for Lines as well as for Spools
  5. Generation of Indents for WHAM for issue of MIVs
  6. Real Time Reconciliation & Stock Status of Materials
  7. Optimum utilization of Materials. Scrap generation is bare min.

Warehouse Management (WHAM)

WHAM is an End to End Warehouse Management System.