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PDIM, Formerly named CONSIM is a Construction Simulation Software offers Construction Simulation, Planning & 3D Graphics based Construction Sequencing, Color Code representation for live Construction Progress , MTO & Design parameters/attributes extraction from 3D model, Work Front generation.

PDIM Workflow

Creation Work Packages
Work Packages are created for Construction monitoring eg:- SKID1, Mezzanine Deck, Module, Area etc.
Assign Items of Work Package from Model
Tags/Items/Components from Engineered 3D graphical model are assigned to the revelant workpackages
Sequencing Items as per Construction & Qualification as per specific UOM
Tags/Items assigned to Work Packages are sequenced as per Construction order . Scope Quantity of each item with relevant UOM is captured in system for further monitoring
Establish Dependencies Between Items/Activities
Identify the relationships / dependencies of all the items in the Work Packages
Capturing Progress Percetages & Colour Codes Representation
Progress percentages of each Item in the Work Packages is captured along with representative colour codes to reflect in model
Identification of Work Front Opened Items
Work front for items in Work Packages are opened based on the progress completion of related items/activities
Extraction of Reports & MTO from 3D Model
MTO is extracted at various hierarchical level from the 3D model for all disciplines along with properties/attributes of the model

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Read how Construction Simulation Software helps you in Construction Simulation, Planning & 3D Graphics based Construction Sequencing, Colour Code

Work Package Selection

Work Package Assignment

Progress Updates in 3D

Front open for the dependent tag ID

Front Opening & Progress updates in 3D graphics


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Construction Simulation Software Benefits

Construction Simulation Software

Packages Dynamic Information Modeling

Construction Simulation Software is used for Construction sequencing, planning, and simulation examples include the extraction of MTO and design parameters/attributes from 3D models, the development of Work Fronts, and 3D graphics-based colour code representation for real-time construction progress.

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