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Item code generation program

Item Code Generation Software (ICGP): Unique Item Codes for EPC Organizations

ICGP is a software that helps EPC organizations to generate unique and meaningful item codes based on company norms. It takes into account standard parameters of item descriptions, such as item type, sub-type, nominal size, schedule/rating, material description/grade, thickness, diameters, and special remarks.

ICGP follows a logical process for code generation, and users can create a variety of rule logic to obtain the desired new codes. ICGP takes care of all item codification activities required for generating and updating the central library of item masters, which is used in EPCPROMAN.

ICODE created in ICGP are unique on the combination of Engineering Code (ICODE2) and Description. IPMF data can be imported into ICGP (Item Code Generator) using excel file. ICGP have two inputs i.e. Master Data and IPMF Data. The Master data can be uploaded by admin. The IPMF data can be uploaded by user and admin. The item code is generated against the IPMF data

Key Features of ICGP

ICGP is a powerful tool that can help EPC organizations to improve the efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and control of their item codification process. It is a valuable tool for any EPC organization that wants to save time and money on its projects and deliver high-quality results to its clients.

Benefits of ICGP

Revolutionizing Item Codification for All Disciplines

Unlock the Power of ICGP – Your Ultimate Item Code Generation Solution

  • Effortless Item Code Creation: ICGP is a cutting-edge software that simplifies the generation of new ItemCodes and their equivalents, all in perfect alignment with your company’s norms.
  • Intelligent Parameter Analysis: Dive into the world of precise codification. ICGP leverages standard parameters such as Item type, Item sub-type, Nominal size, Schedule/Rating, Material description/Material grade, Thickness, Diameters, Special remarks, and more to craft ItemCodes with unmatched accuracy.
  • Logical Code Generation: Experience a logical and customizable code generation process. Create a diverse range of rule logic tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you obtain the perfect new codes every time.
  • Centralized Item-Master Library: ICGP isn’t just about code creation; it’s your comprehensive solution for managing and updating the central library of Item-Master. Say goodbye to data chaos and welcome streamlined efficiency.
  • Unleash Your Productivity: ICGP empowers your team to focus on what truly matters. Streamline Item Codification activities effortlessly, allowing you to boost productivity and maintain data consistency effortlessly.

Unlock the Potential of ICGP: Revolutionizing Item Codification and Workflow

Workflow of ICGP: Streamlined Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust DATABANK ICGP for Item Code Generation. Elevate your business with precision, intelligence, and efficiency. The future of Item Codification has arrived, and it’s called ICGP.

Item Code as per the company norms.

Item code generation software

ITEM Codification Methods

ITEM Codification Methods: Precision and Customization

  1. Discipline Mastery: Efficiently distribute items according to the discipline used to create the ItemCode, ensuring accuracy in categorization.
  2. User Roles Assignment: Define roles with precision—ItemCode Generator, Approver, Reviewer—tailored for your employees’ needs.
  3. ITEMCODE Library: Your Unique Data Repository
    • Unparalleled Uniqueness: Maintain unparalleled uniqueness within the Item Code Library.
    • Short Codes for Clarity: Assign short codes to Catalogue data, enhancing item code clarity.
    • Mapping Magic: Seamlessly map Engineering data with Catalogue data, adhering to your company’s norms effortlessly.
  4. Creating Logic Rule: Crafting Item Codes with Intelligence
    • Logic Rules: Build custom logic rules by selecting desired parameters.
    • Delimiters for Precision: Add delimiters for precision in item codification.
    • Dynamic Descriptions: Generate Item Descriptions using selected parameters, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  5. Creating Mapping Logic Rule: Mapping Excellence
    • Mapping Logic: Create Mapping Logic Rules with ease by selecting the parameters to be mapped, simplifying data alignment.
  6. Schedule-Thickness Chart: Data Storage for Piping Discipline
    • Centralized Data: Databank stores Schedule-Thickness details and Nominal Bore details, ensuring a centralized data hub for the Piping Discipline.
  7. Nominal Bore Chart: Essential Data Repository
    • Data Storage: Databank securely maintains Nominal Bore data, providing essential reference points.
  8. Item Master: A Repository of Excellence
    • Unique Item Codes: Discover unique item codes prominently displayed in the Item Master.
    • Code Rule Logic: Item codes are generated in alignment with your company’s code rule logic.

Watch ICGP in Action

ICGP Brochure

Read how ICGP helps to generate the new Item Code as per the company norms.

ICGP Workflow

Unleash the true potential of your Item Codification and Workflow with ICGP.

Efficiency, precision, and customization – all in one exceptional solution.

Functions of ICGP Software

  1. Efficient Mapping Functionality: Seamlessly identify materials by cross-referencing them with your organization’s extensive database, reducing duplication and saving valuable time.
  2. Standard Parameter Library: Access a comprehensive library of standardized parameters to maintain data consistency, ensuring unwanted data is kept at bay.
  3. Streamlined Item Parameter Dictionary: Harness the power of a meticulously curated dictionary of standard item parameters, complete with intuitive short identification codes. Craft precise item codes effortlessly.
  4. Reusable Rule Engine: Conserve time and effort with the ability to apply commonly used standard rules to recurring item descriptions, ensuring accuracy and consistency across your organization.
  5. Customizable Item Code Length: Tailor item codes to align perfectly with your organization’s standards. Maintain control over work distribution and monitor progress effortlessly through user-friendly interfaces.
  6. Effortless Data Filtration: Easily filter and retrieve data with an intuitive interface, empowering you to swiftly access the information you need. Generate insightful reports encompassing item codes from all disciplines seamlessly.

With the ICGP program, take control of your item code management, enhance data consistency, and optimize your organization’s workflow like never before.

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