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Management Information System

Project Portfolio & Production Management, Analysis, Dashboard & Effective reporting with following specialities :

Built with Advanced Technologies

Incorporates Business Intelligence

ApexMIS is built with Advanced Technologies including:
  • Business Intelligence Enabled Data Visualization to graphically present data for Easy understanding of large data sets.

Voice Search
ApexMIS has Voice Search Engine enabled by Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Technologies.
Data Visualization
ApexMIS has Data Visualizations enabled by Business Intelligence (BI) Technologies.

ApexMIS has Intelligent Reporting Engine enabled by Business Intelligence (BI) Technologies.
Geo Spatial Analysis
ApexMIS can show data on maps using
Geo Spatial Analysis provided by
Business Intelligence (BI) Technologies.

Analytical Dashboards & Reports

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Better data management means better decision making

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Project Reporting and Dashboards

Why Choose ApexMIS
Project Management Dashboards Software?

ApexMIS Functions

ApexMIS Chart Types

ApexMIS can be used for MIS reporting to aid top level management with Project Physical Progress, Financial Progress, Cost Overruns, Schedule Overruns, Cost Variances, Schedule Variances and other monitoring parameters.

These parameters are graphically represented through colorful appealing Charts, Curves. We have also provided with features such as Drill down, slice & dice. Projects can be monitored Sector-wise, Client-wise, Location-wise using GPS features on the maps.

ApexMIS provides Analyzed Data in readymade results, represented  in graphical form. This data is dynamically rendered.

ApexMIS – Popular Charts

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Ministry of Petroleum India

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