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AUTOSPEC- Piping Material Specification

EMM- Engineering Material Management

ISOMEC- Piping and FireFighting Isometric Drawing Software

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Piping Isometric Drawing Software

Automated Piping Isometric Drawing Software

ISOMEC is an automated, rule-based, and specification-driven software that helps piping engineers to generate piping isometric drawings, piping spool drawings, bills of materials, and reports with ease. It takes into account various industry standards, such as ASME 31.1, 31.3, and 31.4, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its output.

ISOMEC is a powerful tool that can help piping engineers to improve the efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and standardization of their piping isometric drawing process. It is a valuable tool for any piping engineering company that wants to save time and money on its projects and deliver high-quality results to its clients.

Key Features of ISOMEC

Benefits of ISOMEC


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AUTOSPEC: Automated Piping Material Specification Software

Key Features of AUTOSPEC

AUTOSPEC is a software module that helps piping engineers to automatically generate piping material specifications from component catalogues. It takes into account component dimensions and other parameters, such as item type, base material, material grade, material description, dimensional standard, short/long description, size, thickness/rating/schedule, and end conditions.

Key Benefits of AUTOSPEC

EMM (Engineering Material Management)

Engineering Material Management used for creating Valve Material Sheet (VMS).
It is also designed for various thickness calculations like;

  • Pipe wall thickness suitable for Internal Pressure as per standard ASME B31.3 / ASME B31.1/ ASME B31.4
  • Pipe wall thickness suitable for Indian boiler regulation (IBR)
  • Pipe wall thickness suitable for Vacuum as per standard ASME BPVC SECTION VIII
  • Pipe wall thickness verification for Pipe to Pipe branch connection as per standard ASME B31.3

Piping Material Specification

Thickness Calculation

Valve Material Sheet

ISOMEC (Quick Isometric Drawing Routing)

ISOMEC is a piping engineer’s software used for making piping isometric drawings, piping spool drawings, bill of materials, and reports automatically from the outline of piping routing reference. 

The software is specification driven, rule-based, and automated for routing intelligent piping isometrics. The piping components used in the isometrics are supported with dimensions and annotations with the objective to maximize automation and improving productivity.

Benefits of Isometric Drawing Software

Features of Isometric Drawing Software

When isometric pipe drawing software (ISOMEC) combine with specification generation AUTOSPEC, Piping Material Specifiacation and Symbol Generator  turns into a unique, independent world-class system which faciliates automated isometrics.

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