PARASCADD Private Limited


Cairn Energy
PARASCADD has customized & implemented the EPCPROMAN software as per your requirement fulfilling our expectation from the automation of this kind.
We will thankful for timely on job implementation of EPCPROMAN solution consisting of AUTOSPOOL, SPOOLMAN/ERMAN
Nuberg Engineering
We found that ISOMEC is efficient in handling isometric as per project requirement and proved in saving enormous amount work over conventional Piping Isometric Generation work. We feel that we reduce our efforts over 60% compared to our conventional CAD drawings. We are delivering quality, consistent and error free output with less efforts.
We have successfully implemented EPCPROMAN software solution consisting of AUTOSPOOL, SPOOLMAN/ERMAN, MATCONTRK/STOREMAN in our Project at Kochi. We appreciate and encourage PARASCADD, Mumbai, for the efforts, support & services provided in the automation of our reputed project.
nass logo
We are using EPCPROMAN solution consisting of AUTOSPOOL, SPOOLMAN/ERMAN and ISOMEC for controlling of fabrication and material management activities with this solution we have automated our varies work process like Material Matching Front analysis, Material Issuance, SPOOL marked fabrication drawing generation, Spool Transmittal issuance, Work allocation planning, progress monitoring activities for Fit-up, Weld Visual, other QA/QC activities and Material Management. Daily Progress report, Material reconciliation, Spool Status monitoring are in-line with this automated solution.
Punj Lloyd
We appreciate PARASCADD Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, in supporting us in the successful implementation of AUTOSPOOL, SPOOLMAN and STOREMAN and customization as per our project requirements. We encourage and support their efforts and dedication in the services provided to convert manual work into an automated computer system environment in our Construction Site resulting in time saving & better construction control