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Cross Country Pipe Line Software

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PROCCPL is a software for monitoring & Controlling Cross Country Pipeline projects.

PROCCPL can manage cross country pipeline project construction aspects such as:


PROCCPL Cross Country Pipe Line Software
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PROCCPL Workflow

Scope of Project Cross Country Pipe Line Software

Scope of inputs

  • Import Alignment Sheets with details related to Pipes, coating, and crossings.
  • Import Tally sheet Details

Alignment Sheet
Alignment Sheet containing details of

  • Pipes, Pipe material specification, pipe wall thickness, Type of coating on pipe & pipe – pipe welds.
  • Start Point & Endpoint of Pipe thickness Change
  • Crossing details with reference chainage location, Type of Crossings like Underground piping / Above Ground Piping, Cable Crossing, Track, Electrical crossing, etc.
  • Bend details like Bend angle, Cold/Hot bend, Type of bend (Horizontal/Vertical) & IP reference, etc.

Tally Sheet
Pipe Tally Sheet contains details of pipe delivered from Pipe Supplier/manufacturer containing

  • Pipe Size & Wall thickness
  • Pipe material specification
  • Material Traceability information like Heat Number/Bundle reference
  • Pipe length
  • Pipe supplier name/reference code etc.

Real-time Map-Based Monitoring

Utilize real-time map-based monitoring for comprehensive management and visibility into project milestones, ensuring seamless progress at every stage

Quality Control

  • Defining Weld Joints on Flow line & the connecting Pipe Tags along the project route
  • Joint sequencing along the project route
  • Welder qualification & maintaining welder master data with expiry dates
  • Maintaining WPS & Welding process masters
  • Performing Joint level Fitup
  • Welding of Joints & capturing welding details like
    – WPS,welding process,
    – Welding passes (ROOT / HOT / FILL / CAP)
    – Weld location ( ROW / TRENCH / TOP

Material Issue Voucher
Pipes are issued to Work site through MIV’s (Material Issue Voucher), where pipe count,pipe length,Store location are recorded & controlled.
Provision for transferring pipes from one storage location to other storage location is also controlled.

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