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PRECOM Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Software

Pre-commissioning and Commissioning System Monitoring

PCAM is a detailed monitoring of system-level precommissioning & commissioning progress with respect to different disciplines like PIPING, STEEL-STRUCTURES, CIVIL, E&I, EQUIPMENT,  FIRE&SAFETY, HVAC relating multi-discipline activities on System & Sub-Systems.Systems are defined and Sub-systems identified within Systems.

Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Software for Process & Utilities systems including Infrastructure works like Building, Roads, Enabling works etc. The reporting is in various Formats like Format-I, Format-II, Format-III, Format-IV and Format-V.

Discipline wise components like Tagged items from E&I, Assembly Tags from Steel structures, Tech-Structure like Beam tag number, Foundation tag from Civil,Line numbers/Loop numbers from Piping, Equipment Tags & Connecting Instrumentation for Equipment, are grouped under System & Sub-system heads. Users can update progress at discipline level, sub-system level (or) system level against the discipline wise tags and signed reports documented parallely. Commissioning software offers facility to create punch points under discipline heads against systems/sub-systems. Punch points can be liquidated along with signed documentation within the system.

Data consolidation & overall monitoring at system-level is made easy. Monitoring sheet can also be exported in excel format. Complete documentation of a system can be generated by a click. System level backlog report & open punch points can be extracted for analysis and action. Overall this module offers complete tracking of progress, documentation, backlogs, monitoring & control of Systems for pre-commissioning and commissioning.

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