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EQUIPMAN: Construction Equipment Management Software

EQUIPMAN is a construction equipment management software that helps you to manage all of your equipment-related activities in one place. It integrates with 3D models to provide you with a clear view of your equipment’s position and location, which can help you to plan your erection more effectively.

EQUIPMAN can also be used to plan and monitor equipment erection scheduling, delay analysis, rescheduling, and delay impact analysis of dependent disciplines like piping and instrumentation.

Highlights of EQUIPMAN

Benefits of EQUIPMAN:

  • Improved efficiency: EQUIPMAN automates many of the time-consuming tasks involved in equipment management, such as generating equipment master lists, tracking equipment status, and managing erection schedules.
  • Reduced costs: By helping you to avoid delays and improve efficiency, EQUIPMAN can help you to save significant money on your construction projects.
  • Increased visibility: EQUIPMAN provides you with a clear overview of all of your equipment-related activities, which can help you to identify potential problems and make informed decisions.


  • Integration with 3D models for equipment position and location review
  • Planning and monitoring of equipment erection scheduling, delay analysis, rescheduling, and delay impact analysis
  • Generation of equipment master lists from P&ID, including equipment tag numbers, weight, orientation, size, and connected piping lines information
  • Tracking of equipment nozzles, connected pipelines, and connected piping spools
  • Monitoring of total number of equipment to be erected, total scope of erection work in tonnage, completed work, and balance scope for erection
  • Tracking of equipment erection/installation status/documented proofs right from receipt, inspection, clearance, transportation, erection, alignment and grouting, painting and insulation, pre-commissioning to startup
  • Part of the EPCPROMAN SUITE

EQUIPMAN is a comprehensive construction equipment management software that can help you to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and visibility of your equipment-related activities. It is a valuable tool for any construction company that wants to save time and money on its projects.

EQUIPMAN manages all detailed activities like

  • Equipment Ordering
  • Vendor Expedition
  • Equipment Receipt at Site
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Equipment Transportation
  • Equipment Lifting Analysis Approval Documentation
  • Equipment Lifting, Equipment Erection
  • Equipment Alignment & Grouting
  • Equipment Internal Cleaning
  • Equipment Surface Preparation and Protective Coating
  • Equipment Insulation, Equipment Pre-commissioning
  • Equipment Startup
  • Equipment Final Completion
  • Equipment Billing based on Approved schedule of Rates(SOR)
  • Sub-Activity Completion Breakup


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Read how EQUIPMAN help you in managing all the equipment related activities in the project.

ENIMAN is used for managing all the electrical & instrumentation related activities in the construction project.

Instrument Master List data is auto-generated from P&ID containing information against Instrument tags is used for scheduling & monitoring the Installation activities of all tagged Instruments.Instruments Installation reports creation & documentation of the reports are managed for final dossier creation. Electrical Items Installation, Earthing Lugs Installation, Cabling activities can also be managed with this solution.

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