Material Front Analysis (MFA) for Fabrication and Erection work

Material Front analysis and job planning

The Function of Module is to make analysis for matching the requirement of components for fabrication/erection of spools and according to matching result; an Engineer can list the Spools for Fabrication
Matching result possible categories are;
1. CPS (completely possible spools) – If complete material is available for a spool,
2. PPS (partially possible spools) – If partial material is allocated for a spool,
3. NPS (not possible spools) – If no material is allocated for a spool

Key Features

Identification of exact material front available for fabrication and erection work. Material planning can be done based on ETA of materials for next 3-6-9 months. Material constraint list can be generated.

Key Benefits

  • Helps purchase team to expedite the related material procurement and delivery
  • Project Control can make proper plan
  • Ensure usage of materials against particular Spools / Lines

Beneficiary Department / Team

Procurement, Project, Project Control, Fabrication, Erection

Beneficiary Organization


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