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EFA-MFA is an Automated Spool Matching software for Increased Efficiency

EFA-MFA software is an automated spool matching solution that helps engineers to quickly and easily identify which spools can be fabricated or erected based on the availability of components.

Benefits of EFA-MFA:

  • Improved efficiency: EFA-MFA automates the spool matching process, saving engineers a significant amount of time.
  • Reduced errors: EFA-MFA is a highly accurate software that minimizes the risk of human error.
  • Increased visibility: EFA-MFA provides engineers with a clear overview of which spools can be fabricated or erected, and which spools require further attention.

How it works:

EFA-MFA takes two inputs:

  1. A list of components that are available for fabrication or erection.
  2. A list of spool requirements.

EFA-MFA then matches the components to the spool requirements and generates a list of spool matching results. The spool matching results are divided into three categories:

  • CPS (completely possible spools): Spools for which all of the required components are available.
  • PPS (partially possible spools): Spools for which some of the required components are available.
  • NPS (not possible spools): Spools for which none of the required components are available.

Engineers can then use the spool matching results to list the spools that can be fabricated or erected.

EFA-MFA is a powerful tool that can help engineers to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and visibility of the spool matching process.

Key Features

Identification of exact material front available for fabrication and erection work. Material planning can be done based on ETA of materials for next 3-6-9 months. Material constraint list can be generated.

Key Benefits

  • Helps purchase team to expedite the related material procurement and delivery
  • Project Control can make proper plan
  • Ensure usage of materials against particular Spools / Lines

Beneficiary Department / Team

Procurement, Project, Project Control, Fabrication, Erection

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