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The Function of Module is to make analysis for matching the requirement of components for fabrication/erection of spools and according to matching result; an Engineer can list the Spools for Fabrication
Matching result possible categories are;
1. CPS (completely possible spools) – If complete material is available for a spool,
2. PPS (partially possible spools) – If partial material is allocated for a spool,
3. NPS (not possible spools) – If no material is allocated for a spool

Key Features

Identification of exact material front available for fabrication and erection work. Material planning can be done based on ETA of materials for next 3-6-9 months. Material constraint list can be generated.

Key Benefits

  • Helps purchase team to expedite the related material procurement and delivery
  • Project Control can make proper plan
  • Ensure usage of materials against particular Spools / Lines

Beneficiary Department / Team

Procurement, Project, Project Control, Fabrication, Erection

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