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Construction Schedule & Contractor Schedule System

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Construction Schedule & Contractor Schedule System

Construction Schedule & Contractor Schedule System

COCOSYS is a comprehensive construction schedule and contractor schedule system that helps you to manage all types of construction tenders and track the scope and progress of your projects.

COCOSYS is the perfect solution for construction businesses of all sizes. With COCOSYS, you can easily manage your tenders, track your projects, and stay on track for success.

Construction Schedule (For Each Tender)

Construction Schedule (Level-II) is prepared in Gantt Chart form for each major Tender, aligning with the Overall Project Schedule. It is developed to establish the Overall Progress Profile of the Project/Complex at the beginning of the project.

Contractor Schedule (For Each Contract - Item Level - SOR)

The Contractor Schedule (Level-IV) is prepared in Gantt Chart form with quantity distribution for all activities for each Contractor, Package work, etc., as soon as the contract is awarded. It is a signed and agreed document with the contractor for the complete scope of work of the contract. This schedule should match the contract period and scope of work defined in the contract document.

COCOSYS (a Proprietary Software) of PARASCADD is being used for planning, scheduling, and monitoring. Each activity is quantified as per the Schedule of Rates (SOR) of the Contract document and loaded with resources (manpower and machinery) with the creation of a gang. Dynamic Scheduling feature is available.

Key Features of COCOSYS

Benefits of COCOSYS

Output Reports From COCOSYS

Construction Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring : At a Glance

COCOSYS Workflow

tender directory

Project Tender Directory

Construction tenders/Contracts of all disciplines like Civil/Structural Works, Composite Works, Commissioning Works, Value of Contract & Contractor reference is maintained

Work Group

Work Group & Work Items Defination

Work Groups like Civil work, Structural work, & Work items like Piling/Excavation/PCC/RCC/Brick work/Plaster are defined as Scope work items


Contract-wise Workitems Scope Qualification

Each Work Items under the WorkGroups are Quantified against individual Contracts/Tenders for Scope Identification, Distribution & Monitoring


Construction Schedule with Weightages

Project Construction Schedule is done by distributing the Percentage Completion Scheduled for each workgroup. Weightages assigned to workgroups w.r.t contracts value

Contractor Schedule

Contractor Schedule for all Contracts

Scope Quantity of all Work Items of contract is distributed monthly as per standard logic based on itemwise duration (start date/end date)

Work Front & Progress

Effective Work Front & Progress Entry

Effective Work front of work items & monthly progress are captured for overall progress calculation

S Curve for All Discipline

Monthly and Cumulative Progress S-Curve and Bar Charts


Construction Scheduling

Disciplinewise quantity distribution and actual progress monitoring based on Schedule Vs Actual S-curves.

Overall Construction Progress

Disciplinewise Construction Progress

Contractor Scheduling

Contract / Tenderwise work item quantity distribution and progress monitoring based on Schedule Vs Actual S-Curves.


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