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Corporate MIS

Graphical interactive analytical Dashboards and reports for all functions of a Project like Schedule and Cost performance, Risk, HSE, Quality, Finance etc. during all phases execution in Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Offshore Platforms, Fertilizers, Pipelines and Infrastructures sectors. User friendly dashboards giving summary of key milestones at Unit level as well as for Overall Project.

MIS reporting in desired templates with respect to type of industries / sectors, geographical locations, setting criteria like projects ahead of schedules, delayed projects, projects within estimated budget, projects with cost overrun etc. Analysis and reporting of data in the form of Profile Curve, Pie-Charts, Histograms, Ring Chart, Scattered Charts and so on.

Display matrix for a project’s overall project progress and performance, highlight particular problems that require further attention. Display Exception Lists of Activities for delay and look ahead for next 90 days. Provide stakeholders with an overview of a project’s progress, capturing data about team performance, milestone achievements, earn value & efficiency, wherever applicable. As progress is made on flagged items, will allow project managers to use one dashboard display for all their active projects.

A high-level overview of completed and remaining tasks in the project, displayed as a progress chart. A coloured status bar across the top of the card indicating if the project is on track (green), at risk (yellow) or needs attention (red). Status updates or more detailed notes about recent activities, posted by the project owner.

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Project Reporting and Dashboards

Why Choose CMIS (Project Management Dashboards Software)?


MIS features

CMIS can be used for MIS reporting to aid top level management with Project Physical Progress, Financial Progress, Cost Overruns, Schedule Overruns, Cost Variances, Schedule Variances and other monitoring parameters.
These parameters are graphically represented through colorful appealing Charts, Curves. We have also provided with features such as Drill down, slice & dice. Projects can be monitored Sector-wise, Client-wise, Location-wise using GPS features on the maps.
CMIS provides Analyzed Data in readymade results, represented  in graphical form. This data is dynamically rendered.


  • Improvement in the company’s performance and speed of the business decision making through streamlined CMIS data visualization techniques
  • Transforms company data into real time data metrics rich visuals
  • Generates the reports in the understandable formats and usable to all hierarchal levels of people
  • Document centralization and accessible to download to authenticated peoples with just one click
  • Project progress card as of calendar date on one click
  • Progress data comparison while recording, reviewing and approving

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