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Create and Format Your Own Reports

PARASCADD Reports Designer
create custom reports

Create & Format Your Own Reports.

Report Designer provides a graphical interface in which you can define data sources, datasets and queries, report layout positions for data regions and fields, and interactive features such as parameters and sets of reports that work together.

Built with Advanced Technologies

Incorporates Business Intelligence

Reports Designer is built with Advanced Technologies such as Business Intelligence enabled Data Visualization to graphically present data for Easy understanding of large data sets.

features and benefits

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Connect PGold Data Sources
Data 90%
Transform & Format Data
Data Formats 60%
Report Components
Charts 70%
All format Images
Images 80%
Report export formats
excel, word, PDF & more 70%
  • Import data from all the product databases that are subscribed on PGold
  • Present Data in various chart and graph formats
  • Use Area, Line, Bar, Pie, Donut, Column charts to represent data.
  • Transform number, date, data to show up in the desired format.
  • Export the Report in MS Word, PDF, MS Excel, MS Power Point, TIFF, csv, text etc formats.

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