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An Effective Approach to Construction Management

  • Primarily, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction are the main three facets of Project Execution.
  • Engineering: It largely depends on the timely availability of the Basic Design Engineering Package (BDEP) and its Quality. It also depends on vendors inputs to a great extent.
  • Procurement: It depends on early finalization of MTO/BOM, MRs, and Procurement Procedures. Procurement also depends on Time Cycle for each stage starting RFQs and vendors response.
  • Construction: It depends on the inputs from Engineering & Flow of Materials at first place, thereafter, it depends on the performance of the Contractors. The performance of the Contractors primarily depends the system implementation. The most complicated contract of any Refinery, Petrochemical & Fertilizer Project is Composite Works (Mechanical, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation work) due to complexity associated with huge piping works associated with it. The complexity increases manifolds if an automated system like AUTOSPOOL for the generation of Piping Spool Drawings is not used. In absence of AUTOSPOOL, the Contractors use to prepare Sketches for Piping Spool manually


  • Proper sequencing of work planning considering the availability of Drawings & Materials
  • Ensure issue of materials against each Spool rather than against a Line
  • Issue of materials for Fabrication & Erection separately, hence, optimum control
  • Minimum scratch generation and thereby optimum utilization of materials
  • Assessment of Resources Spool-wise
  • Logical Material Front Analysis which ensures proper utilization of Resources
  • Easy tracking of each Spool
  • Live reconciliation of materials due to proper tracking
  • Foolproof Progress Reporting at every stage

 Disadvantage of Manual SPOOLING

  • No sequence of work either Fabrication or erection
  • Poor quality of Sketches for Spools
  • More efforts in preparation of Sketches and slow
  • Generation of unusable Scraps
  • No segregation of materials for Fabrication and Erection
  • Poor assessment of Resources
  • Great difficulty in tracking of Spools
  • Misplacement of materials due to poor tracking

Inconsistencies of data related to Fit-up, Welding, NDT etc. for Reporting and Monitoring

An Effective Autospool Approach to Construction Management: AUTOSPOOL d system like AUTOSPOOL for the generation of Piping Spool Drawings is not used. In absence of AUTOSPOOL, the Contractors use to Effective Approach to Construction Management|Autospooly