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Nine Facets of Project Management

Project Management Software and Services

Explore the key elements of successful project management. Learn how to define and control project scope, manage time effectively, keep costs in check, ensure high-quality outcomes, and navigate potential risks. Discover the importance of clear communication, building a skilled project team, and effective procurement strategies. This guide covers the essentials, providing insights into integrating these facets for seamless project delivery.

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Distributed Project Management


Distributed Project Management is an integrated approach used for managing projects across multi-functional disciplines and at different geographical locations.Projects are developed considering different Work Break Down Structures (WBS). Project scope is divided into multiple agencies like Clients, PMCs, Vendors, Contractors depending on various WBS Functions like Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Construction, etc.

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Need of Integrated Project Control Network Solution

End to End Project Management & Control Software

Need of Integrated Project Control Network Solution Present Options There are quite a few CPM based Network Scheduling tools like Primavera (P6), Microsoft Project (MSP), Asta Power project, etc. however, all these networking systems do not have the capability of quantity-based scheduling, updating, analyzing and reporting for the most complex phases of Project

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What is Project Control ?

There are numerous definitions of Project Controls used across the industries and indeed across companies within industries. For the sake of clarity and simplicity, Project Control is defined as follows; Project Control is a series of processes and steps like data collation (both past and present) for management and analytical purposes used to predict, understand

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