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Civil & Structural Works A Mover and Shaker in Project Execution

  1. It has been said, “Well Begun is Half Done”. Lack of conceptualization, planning, strategy, execution philosophy, monitoring / analytical / reporting tools for each phase of project execution, lead to the failure of many projects.
  2. The contribution of Civil & Structural work in most of the projects is in the range of 35% – 45% in terms of Efforts, Cost and Schedule.
  3. Major focal areas in Civil & Structural works are;
  • Since it is not possible to have all the inputs, in the beginning, to proceed in design and engineering, hence, the correctness of information for tender preparation depends on past data, experience and execution methodology to be adopted.
  • In most of the cases, major variances (generally upward trend) are on account of Civil & Structural works due to incorrect estimate (Schedule of Rate (SOR) Qty.) which severely impact Cost and Schedule of the project apart from big Contractual issues. ± 20% Variance is the acceptable norms, however, it goes much beyond / below, sometimes even more than 100%.
  • Sometimes, Tenders are being re-floated due to incorrect estimates which has a direct impact of 4-6 months on the project schedule.
  • Inconsistencies in data indicated in Tender, MTO, and AFC Drgs. is the main cause of concern for all stakeholders, including Contractors. Generally, Contractors go slow in the procurement of Cement, Steel, and aggregates in fear of generation of surplus materials. This impacts Construction works at site and delay in the generation of work fronts for Mechanical and Piping works.
  • Inadequate procurement data of past projects for guidance in taking the decision.
  • Absence of codification of Civil & Structural Steel items impacts data management and analysis.
  • Lack of proper planning and strategy affects smooth progress. The decision on Standardization of Structural Steel Sections, Modularization of Structures, Shop Vs Site Fabrication and so on should be taken immediately after the start of project work. All such issues should be clearly spelt in the Project Implementation Plan.
  • Inadequate progress measurement methodology, monitoring, and reporting tools are impediments in the proper analysis of the project.

    How MATCONTRK Module of EPCPROMAN can help;
  • Has a library of Item Codes for most of the Civil & Structural items.
  • Will keep data of executed Projects for Tendering, MTO, and AFC Drgs.
  • Procurement related activities starting from MTO to the placement of orders, delivery forecast, delivery at Site and consumption thereof.
  • The correctness of Estimation during the Tendering stage will improve substantially.
  • Consistency will be maintained w.r.t Tender, MTO & AFC Qty.
  • Analyze Tender Vs MTO Qty. and report variances (entity as well as summary level) for corrective actions.
  • Analyze Tender Vs MTO Vs AFC Qty. and report variances (entity as well as summary level) for corrective actions.
  • It can suggest substitution, and thereby consume surplus materials.
  • Progress Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Reporting (including work front calculations, resources requirements, etc.) will be ensured both Quantitative and logical Gant Chart method applying resources.
  • Reports / Analysis will help in proper planning of Mechanical & Piping works.