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Need of Integrated Project Control Network Solution

Present Options

  • There are quite a few CPM based Network Scheduling tools like Primavera (P6), Microsoft Project (MSP), Asta Power project, etc. however, all these networking systems do not have the capability of quantity-based scheduling, updating, analyzing and reporting for the most complex phases of Project executions i.e. Procurement and Construction. All these networking systems are basically Activity Scheduling tools with a focus on Milestones based scheduling and reporting
  • Since Quantitative Scheduling is not possible in the above networking systems, resources (manpower and machinery) are assessed based on Man-hour against each activity. Unless the workload of activity is broken down to quantity level, assessment of Man-hour against an Activity is scientifically incorrect. Assessment is being done based on experience and individual judgment, hence, it will be different for different people. Hence, the assessment of resources always becomes a point of contention.
  • Generation of Construction Work-front forecast considering Engineering & Procurement inputs is not possible in the above tools, which is so vital for planning and execution of any construction activity.
  • Due to the lack of important features in the systems and complexity in use (not user-friendly), a lot of activities are being done in the Excel Sheet and exported back to the systems.

  • Though Activity level progress reporting in terms of Remaining Duration or percentage complete can be done through the systems, Roll-on of Progress upto Unit level and Complex level is not being done due to inaccuracy. Hence, percentage Progress is calculated in Excel Sheets which is not widely accepted due to obvious reason.


There is a need for an Integrated Project Control Network Solution which should be inclusive. The Network Solution should have the following features;

  • Can Import complete data of Primavera (P6), Microsoft Project (MSP), Asta Power project, etc. for further enhancement to meet the requirements
  • Network Schedule can be created in the system itself with enhanced features like Quantitative as well as Milestones based scheduling, work-front forecasting considering all related inputs, rule-based resources calculation
  • Forecasting of resources like materials, manpower, machinery
  • Cost monitoring and forecasting based on various options
  • Reporting in Tabular and Graphical (curves etc.) forms
  • Percentage Progress calculation and Activity as well as Unit & Complex level
  • 4D (3D + Time) Scheduling – The system should have the feature for linking Activities Schedules with IFC 3D Models. If necessary, Critical Construction activities can be monitored by visualizing related 3D Models with various color combinations.

Project Control Network Solution of Primavera (P6), Microsoft Project (MSP), Asta Power project, etc. for further enhancement to meet the requirements