PARASCADD Private Limited


Business Advantage

Automating automation

At PARASCADD, automating automation is our priority. From task clarification to implementation, we offer end to end software solutions. We specialize in providing automation of manual processes, integration of existing software or methods, standardization of working methods, learning, reference and evaluation of the previous projects. Combining our experience for optimization, we work across all disciplines of Engineering and construction. Most importantly, each function is headed by industry experienced and qualified engineers with the relevant domain expertise.

Passion at work

At PARASCADD, we go that extra mile to reach out to customers needs. We are experts at understanding the industry and every detail of the business. In this niche market, we take pride in our core expertise, in-depth domain knowledge and are extremely passionate about automating the work processes. That’s why we are most eager to offer customized and tailor-made solutions from task clarification to implementation.


Most organizations use standard software, while some use customized software or a combination of both. At PARASCADD, we offer a complete integrated system with existing standard software or with the in-house developed software. Thus, our integrated software solutions make us unique and inspiring.


We Bring Value

Cost Advantage

Very Competitive Prices for :

  • Integration
  • Customization
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Updates

Product Advantage

  • Integration with in-house software and standard software used.
  • Thorough extensive Research and Development
  • Automation of all manual work and processes.
  • Collaboration / Communication System driven work/Process methodology.
  • Single point data for the Project / Documents / Company

Business Advantage

All the requisites for smoothly bringing your business up to speed are covered:

  • Business requirements.
  • Technology requirements.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Flexible Licensing.
  • Policy (online, site, etc), Paperless office/Documentation.